About Me

My writing roots

In the second grade, I wrote a poem about the fall, an ode to candied apples, pumpkin spice, and jumping feet-first into leaf piles. My teacher made a fuss and honored the poem by writing my name in the school's big book of recognition. What she didn't know is she also instilled a desire inside me to become a writer. Long after my name faded from the book of recognition, I've written five books of my own, including my most recent, the Letters

My background

After earning a bachelor's degree in Communications from SFA, I began a career with one of the largest advertising firms in Austin, Texas. Over the next ten years I worked with local businesses, developing their advertising strategies to target their ideal clients. During this time,I spent three years as a corporate trainer, specializing in recruiting and development of new hires, and three years as a District Sales Manager. My first novel, Mystic Falls, came to life during this time as well.

My books and services

Mystic Falls (2008)

The Ghoul School (2011)

The Ninth Realm (2013)

The List (2015)

The Letters (2017)


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